Iqra Jr.College For Arts, Commerce And Science

Normally parents are very careful about their children up to primary school. They check everything like what children are learning, what they are eating, who are their friends and so on. But once the child has gone in college then parents feel that their responsibility ends or rather child is grown up and now on its own.

If care is not taken properly then all our efforts will go waste. Now a day’s college environment is full of obscenity, drugs, alcohols and other social nuisance. Remember we are sending our children to educate with beneficial knowledge and not to get infected with bad habits.The challenges of modern times call for rebuilding the structure of our educational program on such a foundation as to fulfil our spiritual as well as worldly obligations.

IQRA Jr.College offers Islamic environment to your children, free from bad company, drugs and alcohol. We teach academic subjects as per the State Board curriculum as well as Islamic subjects like Arabic Language, Quran studies, Hadith studies, Prophet’s(SAW) Seerah and History of Islam.

Insha-Allah your child will get best education of this world and of the hereafter. Education that leads to paradise.