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Education for Here & Hereafter

By the grace of Allah, Iqra English School & Jr. College Student Ms. Uzma Faizan Ahmad got admission in MBBS, MGM Medical College, Mumbai.

MashaAllah! Uzma has completed her Quran Hifz, Islamic Studies, Arabic Language, Hadith Studies and also Academic Studies.

Sports Day 2015 – 2016

Sports for 2015-16 is successfully completed

Annual Day 2015 – 2016

Our School’s Annual Day 2015 - 2016.

Won State Level Qirat Competition

Iqra Student Hyderabad – Won State Level Qirat Competition and Alhamdulillah by grace of Allah they got 2nd Rank in that competition.

1. Abdul Wahab. (2nd Price Silver Medal and Cash Amount of Rs.7000/-)
2. Ahmed bin Abdul Qadar Basad.(Ezaazi Enaam)