Essential Factors

We offer the nationally established CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) curriculum in accordance with the NCERT guidelines to our students till class 8th and State board level education from class 9th to class 10th.

Some Essential factors of Effective Teaching & Learning encouraged at IQRA are:

Teaching Methods

It is our belief that every child can and indeed must learn to ask questions and grow beyond the confines of the syllabus and learning experiences. The teaching tools form an integral part of the teaching plan. The learning process is enhanced with pictures, talks, stories, flash cards, charts, class activities, models, power point presentations etc. At Iqra we have been trying to impart knowledge to the students in the most effective manner with the help of these tools. This helps the students to have more thrilling and enjoyable learning sessions and this way we maintain the standard at Iqra.

  • Students feel that the content they are studying is worth learning because it is meaningful and relevant to their lives.
  • Students see the usefulness and potential application of this knowledge to their everyday lives.


We offer the nationally established NIOS (National Institute for Open Schooling) and CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) curriculum in accordance with the NCERT guidelines to our students. This way we provide a strong educational foundation and help them to face new opportunities and pursue various careers after class 10th. Extra tutorial classes are provided for weak students who require special attention in subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, Hindi and Marathi.

  • Instruction is integrated – encompassing and engaging the whole child (spiritually, emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically).
  • It is integrative across time, place and culture; integrative across the curriculum; integrating knowledge and values with action and application.


The aim of Islamic education is to produce “good human beings”.

  • Accordingly, instruction focuses on values and considering the ethical dimensions of topics. In this way, Islamic education becomes a powerful vehicle for character development, thus achieving its true goal.
  • Teachers realise that every aspect of the teaching and learning experience convey values and provide opportunities for students to learn about values.


Great deal is demanded from both the teacher and students.

  • The teachers are actively and genuinely engaged in the teaching process – making plans, choices, and curriculum adjustments as needed, rather than mechanically following a manual.
  • Teachers are prepared to continuously update their knowledge, adjust goals and content to students’ needs, take advantage of unfolding events and teachable moments, develop examples that relate directly to students, and other practices that facilitate active and meaningful instruction.
  • Furthermore, effective instruction emphasises hands-on activities that call for students to react to what they are learning and to use it in their lives in some meaningful way.


Students are challenged to thoughtfully examine what they are studying, to participate assertively in group discussions, to work productively in cooperative learning activities, and to come to grips with controversial issues. Such activities and experiences will help foster the skills needed to produce competent Muslims capable of presenting and defending their beliefs and principles actively.

Instructional Standards

Certain instructional standards are in place for meaningful and authentic teaching and learning to occur. Students’ achievement increases when these standards of instruction are implemented.

Computer Studies

  • Computer education is a must in this world that revolves around computers. At Iqra we understand this need to impart up to date computer education to our students.
  • Our specialized teaching staff makes sure our students are up to date in this fast paced world. Alhamdulilah, we have a separate computer lab, so that our students gain hands on practical knowledge about computers.

Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies is a conscious and systematic effort to understand Islam. Ignorance is the main reason Muslims these days have become victims of false notions; they are not in a position to clarify the misconceptions about Islam. To enable our future Ummah to face this challenge, we at Iqra feel it is necessary to imbibe Islamic studies in our curriculum. It has been our practice to sort students in small groups for better concentration and individual attention. We have qualified Aalims / Ulemas who teach Tajweed, Hifz of Qur’an, Islamic Studies, Sirah of the Prophets and Arabic Language. Shaikh Muqeem Faizi, a learned scholar from King Saud University, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the Head of the Islamic Studies Department.

Martial Arts

At Iqra, we believe in the mental as well as physical development of the student. It has been our constant effort to introduce the child to education beyond the classroom environment through physical activities. We have Martial Arts like Taekwondo included in our school time table. We also organize our annual sports events, which is immensely enjoyed by our students.

Audio Visual

At Iqra , we impart the audio-visual method of teaching which helps the teacher to clarify, establish, correlate & co-ordinate accurate concepts, interpretations, appreciation and enable the child to make learning more concrete, effective, interesting, inspirational, meaningful, vivid etc. These Aids help in completing the triangular process i.e. Motivation, Clarification and stimulation. These Aids provide significant gains in informal learning, retention and recall, rethinking and reasoning, activity, interest, imagination, personal growth & development. It has been our conscious effort to teach with the help of interactive touch screen smart class rooms (Edurite – Pearson) to impart this method.

Events at Iqra

We believe it is important for a student to not only gain knowledge in these formative years of their lives, but also to get involved in social activities and enjoy school life. We provide a platform for students to express and interact with one’s peers and teachers, by hosting Eid parties, Annual functions, Excursion and sports events.